The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant

The Mayflower seafood restaurants first opened their doors in 1980 - since then, chain has been apart of the constantly growing food scenes of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

When we took on this project we wanted to keep some aesthetic elements to the environment. For instance the chain is known for having many vibrant murals showcasing throughout the restaurant the Mayflower ship sailing to the new world. We also wanted to keep the natural salt-water aquariums that showcased more recent pop culture cartoon sea life such as Nemo and Dory from the Disney movie Finding Nemo. Growing that family atmosphere we wanted to provide an experience. This location in particular is located in Elizabethton, Tennessee. The transformation has been recognized across articles, newspapers, and online press throughout the surrounding regions.

The interior was designed to give the sense of actually dining on the ship itself. The booths made of reclaimed wood, same as the tables tops. The portholes on the windows mirrored in the center to provide depth along the length of the walls. We went as far as creating custom mixed stains from colors commonly found in coral reefs to coat the palette boards we used for the accent wall separating the kitchen from the rest of the dining room. Once the environment was set we incorporated the designs of the menu and other branded material and signage. We went with a blue for the menu paired with hints of black, grey and white. The blue signifies the ocean and the sea life it contains as if you where to order fresh - tasty selections right from the ocean.


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