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Award – Winning Service You Trust


“We had our focus on the bottom dollar. What G.H. Designs taught us was that even though money is important to make a living. It takes a customer base to develop that dollar. We became hooked after our first consultation!”

Jessica Watkins, Simp Mineral

“We are old school. Old school meaning we had no digital presence. No marketing knowledge. Absolutely no idea in hell what we were doing. Util we has a colleague refer us and did it pay off!”

Frank Mcdermott, BioWindow Solutions

“We needed graphics for an office we had worked on a while back. Our preferred design company bailed on us and ghosted us during one of our biggest client projects. We had to think quick and came across G.H. Designs. WE have nothing more to say then simply, LIFE SAVERS!”

Kent Beasley, Beasley Construction

“I might be G.H. Designs smallest client. But they focused on me even when my budget was limited. I run an Easy shop. I say that because other design companies turned me down for my t-shirt concept for moms. I need a logo and two designs. G.H. Designs made sure we got what we needed to succeed. Now we use there monthly managed services. Never leaving G.H. Designs!”

Lindsey Marie, Direct Select

G.H. Designs

“Telling your story through the art of design!”

We become a committed partner to further growing your brand. Above are some of the raving comments our clients left us personally or advertised themselves on social media. We aim to make you one of them. By establishing a healthy partnership for future grown and development!

Why All The Love?

We offer a wide range of high quality designs and exceptional service.

The clients we have are all unique in their own way. We love getting to know them and becoming vulnerable and opened with there story. We take care of all size businesses and organizations and work within your budget to achieve the success you deserve. It’s not easy being an entrepreneur. It’s easier when you’re not doing it alone.

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Telling your story!

G.H. Designs is an award winning graphic design and marketing agency with services that encompass graphics and identities, promotional products, apparel, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications, branding guides and concept development. With our original work, we become a committed partner in further growing your business/organization.

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