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1907, 2017

Responsive. Integrative. Website Design.

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Responsive Website Design (RWD): Is an approach to website design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or website browser one is viewing with. Integrative Design: Is an approach to design which brings together design specialisms usually considered separately. For example: Design of a building which considers architecture, structural engineering and HVAC.   Welcome to the online world where everything you see is exactly how it is [...]

806, 2017

What Is Design!?

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  What Is Design!? When viewing something man made. Do you ever stop and wonder what it took for it to be made? Let's Break it down to the last detail. Look around you. That's right. Something random. Now grab it and hold it in your hands. Everyone reading this is holding something similar or something different. Now have you realized the first thing? The material it is made of. [...]

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