Kefi Winery

Discovering your Kefi. Kefi is a greek term used to express passion, excitement, authenticity. As an addition to the ever growing Union County of North Carolina. Kefi Winery is a new found destination amongst locals visitors and day trip getaways for those from afar. While the development of the vineyard was in midst of completion we wanted to create a space for visitors to interact regardless if you have a taste for wine or just looking for something relaxing on weekends. In order to achieve that feel we had to dig deep into creating a beautifully harmonized environment. The vineyard sits on 50+ acres and the natural rolling hills and a pond centered right in front of the tasting room. The tone was set. It was Greece away from Greece. Keeping that Greek elegance we incorporated the goddess. As a woman owned winery we felt it was only necessary to follow that design. Once we completed the brand identity we developed the 11 labels for all of Kefi's wines. Color coded and separated into whites, reds, and blends, GH DESIGNS added key elements paying tribute to the area of where the owners family originates from in Greece. Showcasing a village sunset to the challis used in Greek Orthodox churches to identify the communion wine Kefi produces. From the menu boards inside the tasting room to the directionals and signage outside, GH DESIGNS harmonized the look of modern sleek design using black, white and gold elements across all real world applications as we wanted to keep the calmness and vibrancy of color throughout the property natural aesthetics.





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