Fawkins - Fundamental Learning Center

Fawkins wanted to stand out as a positive force in the development of young minds. We started by creating the baby bird as a representation of Fawkins mission: teaching, molding and further enhancing a young mind by preparing it for the real world. The green chosen represents growth. As a plant in order for it to fully bloom it most be nurtured and watered daily. We wanted the same idea to be translated in relation with the baby bird for the students educational experience. The environment is simplified. We took a look at public, charter and private schools to get an idea of different classrooms. We realized to many classrooms are cluttered with unnecessary or out dated material along the walls. There was no consistency in colors. We wanted to stay away from that. By removing the clutter and enhancing the color scheme we created through the halls and classrooms.

GH DESIGNS established an overall atmosphere of opened free-thinking opportunities amongst the students - completely harmonizing them with the brands new identity. With the environment set, we designed many forms of advertisement outlets and branded digital media to bring awareness to the brands new look.




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