Carolina Backyard BBQ

The question we run into often is how to transform an existing space. Well a unique questions we ran into when we partnered with Carolina Backyard BBQ was the same question with a twist. How do we transform a single commercial space with three existing buildings and a fountained patio area in between all three. What we noticed is that in order to connect these buildings together we had to use the power of the brand itself. We had no intentions of proposing new construction to the site. We wanted to provide an experience. A space to intermingle and connect for free flowing interactions and memorable times.

We first started with the logo. The logo encompassed two clever's crossing at the handles and joined in the middle by a flame. We chose this design as tribute to the competition level style of barbecue Carolina Backyard BBQ offered: hearty, smoky, meaty goodness expertly cleaved into succulent pieces.

Once we had the logo designed, we created and paired a vibrant red with black and white. Establishing the cores brand we sat down by the fountain and studied the surroundings. The message we wanted for Carolina Backyard BBQ to relay was simple: Backyard - Family - Fun. We created an environment that not only was pleasing to the eye but made you feel like you just stepped into your backyard for some good ole-fashion fun.







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