What Is Design!?

When viewing something man made. Do you ever stop and wonder what it took for it to be made? Let’s Break it down to the last detail.

Look around you. That’s right. Something random. Now grab it and hold it in your hands. Everyone reading this is holding something similar or something different. Now have you realized the first thing? The material it is made of. The texture it in your hand. Now look closer. Does it have another type of material attached to it? (Metal, Plastic, Glass) Lets just say for example you are holding a remote. Your main concern is to put batteries in it and click away to your favorite channel. What you fail to realize is the beauty of it’s design. Before the remote ever got to your hands. Think! Someone had to design the case of the remote. The part you see. With all the buttons attached. But then who designed the buttons? The connectors to the motherboard that allows signal to your T.V. Set. Who created the little spring that connects to your battery? The list goes on. So look at what your holding and think someone, somewhere, maybe your neighbor, a relative, was apart of designing that item in your hand. The beauty of it is it takes a team of designers. In some cases one, but a team that collaborates and runs ideas past around amongst one another. From concept to final product. The draftsman to the engineers. That’s what makes up design! Want to get deeper!? What about the machines and tools needed to create the products we use everyday. Who designed those? The world is filled with creative people and the ability to achieve and accomplish anything you want to see in the world is right there in front of you. So the Next time you look at something if it be a sign, your phone, your silverware. Someone out there took time the to put there pride into a product that leaves it’s mark on the world. Design can not be made by a computer on it’s own. A computer lacks the capabilities the human brain holds and simply becomes a tool for your creativity. We live in an age of unlimited possibilities. What most see is convenience. What you should see is what the future will hold and how you will make your mark on it through the art of design!